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Fuel injector mounting bracket

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Hello All,

This regards my 1989 300SE with 235k miles, which makes it the in-line 6 (M103) engine. Yesterday I replaced my fuel injectors. Which, because I pulled the fuel distributor, was pretty simple. Except for a couple minor problems:

I stripped a couple of the 5mm Allen head bolts. And I broke one of the metal brackets that hold the injector in place/mount the injector to the engine.

I can not find either part to purchase replacements.

Does anyone have the part numbers? Or does anyone know interchangeability with other engines so I can hit a u-pull-it yard?
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Just the same on any W124 And W126 and some 190E with the M103 lump ...And i did the same thing on my W124 .And the secret is to hold the injector bracket with another spaner so it wont move . And the injector securing allen bolt head was not holding in the wrench .Only way i could remove it was to damage the bracket to get a good grip on the allen bolt head .Then replace the bracket after . pick and pull was my way out .
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I have 2 sets opf seals cages and O rings,, plus injectors i removed from my M103 .But so far away i am unable to be of help to you . These would have been a gift i wont need them any more ,.Car will go later this year so parts no longer of use to me,, only to the new buyer .
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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