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Fuel injector mounting bracket

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Hello All,

This regards my 1989 300SE with 235k miles, which makes it the in-line 6 (M103) engine. Yesterday I replaced my fuel injectors. Which, because I pulled the fuel distributor, was pretty simple. Except for a couple minor problems:

I stripped a couple of the 5mm Allen head bolts. And I broke one of the metal brackets that hold the injector in place/mount the injector to the engine.

I can not find either part to purchase replacements.

Does anyone have the part numbers? Or does anyone know interchangeability with other engines so I can hit a u-pull-it yard?
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Looks like that’s the spring clip! Thanks!

Anyone have the part number for the bolt?
That bolt is N000912006004.

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...I think I lost a rubber mount for the fuel distributor too. I have a 10mm bolt that goes into a hole in the fuel distributor, at the engine. But there’s only engine there. And it feels like a gap underneath the FD.
The mount is A1039880111.

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