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Fuel injector mounting bracket

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Hello All,

This regards my 1989 300SE with 235k miles, which makes it the in-line 6 (M103) engine. Yesterday I replaced my fuel injectors. Which, because I pulled the fuel distributor, was pretty simple. Except for a couple minor problems:

I stripped a couple of the 5mm Allen head bolts. And I broke one of the metal brackets that hold the injector in place/mount the injector to the engine.

I can not find either part to purchase replacements.

Does anyone have the part numbers? Or does anyone know interchangeability with other engines so I can hit a u-pull-it yard?
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On M116 engine the spring bracket would be 1160700740. Try to find photos of that. Those allen heads get easily damaged. One way to get them out is to hammer star shaped male socket into the elongated hole. That is if there is room to do that. M6 is the size if I recall correctly. Other way is to try drill the screw hollow. I have red here that impact wrench and valve grinding paste at the tip of the socket opens them without stripping.
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At a junk yard one has to get those allen screws to open without damaging the brackets. 1030780541 is not expansive on Ebay or at dealer either I would imagine. Dealer probably has the rubber mounts too.
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