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1983 380SL, ivory/dk brown, 46k miles, dual roller timing chain. 1986 560SL, red/white, 190K mile.
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'72 350SL, '85 300D, '98 E320, '19 Subaru Outback (sold '14 GLK250)
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I sold the Fuel Distributor from my parts car.
Wished I had kept it to take apart and learn.
But, then again, this guy over on Peach Parts says trying to repair a Fuel Distributor is futile:
Carl, That 'guy' over on Peachparts is Steve Brotherton owner of Continental Imports in Gainesville Fla. He is very knowledgeable but does not seem to post anymore. I learned a lot about my car from some of his early articles on the D-Jet. Never met him, but his shop appears to be highly regarded.

ADDED: After reading the above history link, I see Steve sold his share of the business to his partner's family but is still there in a semi-retired capacity. Looks like the kind of shop we all would like to have close by.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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