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Fuel consumption

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My C320 uses about 15l/100 km in suburb dricing (9-10 l on the highway). That's much worse than the 328i I drove before this. Any comments? The car now has 10,000 km on it.<br>
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C320 three point two litre. BMW 328 two point eight litre<br> point four litre smaller(400cc),218 bhp for C320 and 193 bhp for BMW328, i maybe wrong but quite a bit smaller engine on the beemer hence less mpg with benz, i get about the same with my C320.
15L is on the high side. This usually happens only for short trips / stop and go type of traffic. Normally city driving would be 14L. On highway you should get low to mid 9's, even high 8's if you massage the car. I belive your 9-10L is the combined highway / city rate. Try reset the computer on the highway.
There are a few reasons for the difference.<br> <br> Mainly, the BMW engine is a more efficient design, as it has four valves per cylinder. The Mercedes V6 only has 3. The single exhaust valve per cylinder has the advantage of keeping exhaust temperatures high (cleaner exhaust) but the disadvantage of asthmatic breathing. Mercedes said a few years ago that four valve per cylinder engines would be a thing of the past due to tightening (EU-4) emission control standards, but BMW and nearly every other carmaker have proven them wrong. I expect the upcoming direct injection gas engined Mercedes-Benz V engines to have four valves per cylinder (just my guess though).<br> <br> As another poster pointed out, the BMW is slightly lighter and produces less power, which can also explain some of the difference.<br> <br> The official fuel consumption figures say 16.1 L/100 km in the city and 7.8 on the highway. Your highway mileage sounds a bit poor. But if you are doing pure stop-and-go driving in the city, the mileage sounds about right. Ask the dealer to check it out just to be sure.
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OK, thanks all. Makes sense then. I don't mind the Benz using more gas than the BMW - a lot more of it, but allright.. I understand the 3 valve makes it a very low emission engine.<br> <br>
Re: L/100

Just one more thing...<br> <br> The fuel economy quotes I gave above were from the 2001 model year German brochure (16.1/7.8 L/100 km). Transport Canada lists the car at 12.4/8.7 L/100 km (this is from memory). I suppose the testing regimes are quite different, but the CDN hwy mileage sounds more like what you're getting.<br> <br> Also, the CDN brochure states that the C 320 has a shorter final drive ratio in Canada/USA (at 3.46:1) than the EU version (at 3.27:1). Assuming that you are in Canada, this could explain your mileage on the hwy being worse than the EU fuel economy estimate.
Recently got 8.5 on trips between Mississauga and Markham. And I'm taking Hwy 7 with lights not 401 or 407!
That's perfectly normal. My average city <br> fuel consumption is about that figure. With<br> very aggressive driving i used to got values<br> like 21l/100km ;)<br> On the highway i can go as low as 9-10l/100km<br> maintaining stable speed for long time.<br>
Drove my C320 620km yesterday, 85% highway. Overall fuel consumption 8.4L/100km (27.9mpg).
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