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FSS Light reset brings code(I Guess?) of 411

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I perform the procedure and when it should say 10000 I get ___41__1 weird huh? I talked to a service adviser at MB Laguna Niguel Ca He was very nice but never heard of that before, he thought it might be the FSS system itself. I bought this truck used, changed the plugs, fuel, oil and air filters. it runs great but I hate the wrenches. thanks for your input.
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itsmevin - 2/2/2005 2:46 PM

I have tried this 20 times. I printed your reply sat in the car for 1/2 hour (my wife thinks i'm nuts!) Your second paragraph says: "hold the button until the fss display resets to 10,000 while turning your key toposition 2 it never says 10,000. Is there a time frame or something? fast, slow (30 seconds?)

Now I really did it[xx(] A long time ago my brother -in-law reset his computer by removing the negative cable from the battery for about an hour. I thought "why not, can't hurt" I disconnected the battery overnight, now the check engine light stays on and it ran like crap for about 10 minutes...I've just visited the dealer for my radio code[?]
Refer to your owner's manual if you have one, it maybe more clearly stated. I can understand why the above directions might be confusing. You have to press and hold the button, turn key to position 2, and keep holding button until the display changes to 10000. I think it should take about 10 seconds. Are holding the button waiting on the 10000 before turning the key?
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