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FSS Light reset brings code(I Guess?) of 411

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I perform the procedure and when it should say 10000 I get ___41__1 weird huh? I talked to a service adviser at MB Laguna Niguel Ca He was very nice but never heard of that before, he thought it might be the FSS system itself. I bought this truck used, changed the plugs, fuel, oil and air filters. it runs great but I hate the wrenches. thanks for your input.
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You were not following the correct steps to reset the FSS display..

You will get the 41___1 code, if you turn your key to position 0 when the mileage meter is showing total mileage instead of the FSS display..

You need to turn your key to position 2, pulse twice fast to obtain the FSS display, turn your key to position 0, and then (while it still shows the FSS display), press and hold the button until the FSS display resets to 10,000 while turning your key position to 2...

Though, when I got that 41___1 display, It felt like something reset in my vehicle.. The transmission learning or something.. It felt different for a while and then it was fine.. It is like if I reset something else.. It may have been my imagination but I wonder what the 41___1 display reset is for...

Drew.. You are an expert in the ML... Do you happen to know what is reset when you get the 41____1 code..?


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Below are the exact posted instructions from AL-Sayegh, step by step... He posted this note sometime ago.. Hope this helps, but these instructions and your radio code should be with your manuals and documentation.. Did you lose them or did you not get them with your vehicle..?

From AL-Sayegh..

1. Turn Key in steering lock to position 2.
2. Immediately press button (1) twice within one second.
3. The present status for days or distance is displayed.,turn key in steering lock to position 0.
4. Press and hold button (1) while turning key in steering lock to position 2 again.
Continue to hold button (1).

After approx.10 seconds a signal sounds and the displayshows 10000 .
5. Release button (1).
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