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2008 E350 4Matic Sedan w/Sport
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Excellent AMP!! MAKE OFFER!!!

FOR SALE: Xtant X604 Amp. I will offer this here before Ebaying it. Post here or contact me directly to make offer.

Condition of this unit is excellent, as good as new! However, item is used, and was installed for about 6 months in my M3 Convertible. There are NO physical imperfections, scratches, or holes in chromed case.

This amp was never used for stereo contests or any other competition environment, and I don't think I ever even came close to total power output (I like my music high-quality vs. LOUD) I will ship the amp in the original packaging. I will also include wiring harness, Monster cable as pictured. Manual is also included, as well as anything else I can find that came in the original box. I don't think I ever registered the warranty on this item, so if I can find the card, you can have it. Came with 4 year warranty.

I had this unit installed professionally. It was removed to put into another car, but never did. I had the professional installer un-install with everything needed to install into another car. I am not technical, so can't tell you much about the wiring harness or stuff included with this unit. I can post more pictures if needed to make a decision, but the unit is basically just a fancy chrome box.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/-1 db
Number of Channels: 4
Watts per Channel @ 4 Ohm: 4 x 75
Watts per Channel @ 2 Ohm: 4 x 150
Bridged Mono @ 4 Ohm: 2 x 300
Recommended Load: >2 Ohm Stereo / >4 Ohm Bridged
Distortion (THD): <.2% (20 Hz to 20 kHz at rated power, all channels driven 4 Ohm)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 db (A-weighted in 20 kHz noise bandwidth @ 1 volt sensitivity)
Damping Factor: 200 @ 100 Hz with 4 Ohm load
Input Sensitivity:100 mV to 8.5 V RMS Unbalanced Source; 100 mV to 17 V RMS Balanced Source
Input to Line Output Gain: 0 db; +/– 20 db; Selectable in 10 db steps
On-Board Crossover: 12/24 db;/Octave Selectable (2)
Module Port(s): 4 – Accessory
Balanced Line: 2 – On Board
Passive Outputs: 2 Channels; RM8 provided
Power Supply: Fully Regulated, PWM
Operational Voltage: 11 to 15 Volts
Fusing Requirement: 120 Amp
Size (L xW x H): 23 5/8" x 10 9/32" x 25/32" ; or 600mm x 261mm x 54.5mm

Standard Features
Forced Convection Cooling
All Xtant “X” Series amplifiers employ forced convection cooling for thermal management. An on-board thermal sensing circuit regulates fan speed to maintain optimum operating temperature.

Fully Regulated PWM Power Supply
All Xtant “X” Series amplifiers feature a Fully Regulated, Pulse Width Modulated power supply. This supply technology provides high efficiency and consistent output performance even when battery voltage is less than optimum.

A 12/24 db filter network with selectable Bypass (Full Range), High Pass, Low Pass or Bandpass modes of operation. Frequency selection is via a 12 pin Frequency SIP. The amplifier is shipped with a 90Hz SIP installed, 13 other frequencies are available from your Xtant Dealer.

Noise Gate
Provides deep muting when no musical signal is present. Features include adjustable threshold and bypass switch.

Balanced / Floating Input
When enabled, this circuitry helps to eliminate “system noise” associated with “ground loops”. When combined with the input sensitivity adjustment, it allows the X604 to accept up to 17V of input signal. Balanced must be used for BTL inputs using the HLA.

Modular Expansion Port
All X series amplifiers are supplied with a modular port(s) used for docking any of Xtant’s signal processing modules.

Protection Circuitry
Both Thermal, Overcurrent and Low Voltage protection are incorporated into the X604. In the event of a problem, the amplifier will reduce its power to maintain operation. In the case of Low Voltage, the amplifier will shut off when the battery voltage falls to 11Volts or less.

Passive Output
The RM8 Resistor Module is designed to activate the “passive speaker terminals.” It provides 8 db of attenuation for speakers connected to these terminals. RM4, RM12 and RM16 also available. NOTE: Passive outputs are connected in parallel with front channels.

Service Jumper
Removing the jumper will turn-off amplifier when remote turn-on, ground, and +12 volt cables are connected to amp. Use to service the amplifier or to make any adjustments.

Status LEDs
Four LEDs, visible through the cover, indicate operational status of all Xtant amplifiers. The red LED illuminates when the amplifier is “ON”, the yellow LED indicates that overcurrent protection is engaged, the orange LED indicates that the thermal protection circuit is engaged, and the green LED indicates when the noise gate is engaged and operational.

If you are considering purchase, you should probably check out the Owner's manual and Installation Guide for this item:

X604 Owner's Manual in PDF Format
X604 Installation Guide in PDF Format

Will ship upon clearance of payment. This item is also available for inspection and pick-up. Located in Bucks County north of Center City, Philadelphia just off I-95. Contact me for directions. I will ship with insurance to buyer, but only within the U.S.



2008 E350 4Matic Sedan w/Sport
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$550 and I'll ship insured. PM me or post. Thanks!

2008 E350 4Matic Sedan w/Sport
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Ok, promise.... last bump!!!
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