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2006 E320 CDI Obsidian Black
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Items from a 2006 E320 CDI in working condition. no leaks. Mileage ~63,000. All are original assembly parts.

All were replaced after I turned prematurely and drove off a driveway into a ditch before getting on the road at my place of employment...( 1:00am no moon in rural ohio and an hour from home)

There were replaced because of the mountings either cracked or broke when the bumper moved to limit damage. I was able to drive the car home and, to and from work (12/27/2012 to 02/18/2013) when I took my vacation and had it repaired.

Fortunately there was no exterior damage.

Photos on request and prices are negotiable as I am not looking to get rich. It' s just a shame to recycle good parts if they can help someone out, even temporarily.

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