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FS: W124 hood and fenders

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I have hoods and front fenders for sale. These are brand new, OE MB products, primed and ready for painting.

25 (92 below) early style hood
10 (93 above) late style hood
80 (40 left/40 right) fenders

Parts are located in So.California

[email protected] hood

[email protected] - 2 or more hoods

[email protected] for the fender
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I would like to apologize and make some correction. These are NOT from MB Factory parts. They are made from Italy - Both Hoods and Fenders.

Let me know if you are still interested. below are some images from the warehouse.


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Wow, are you w124 guys kidding me?? Why wouldn't everybody with the pre 94 hood not be all over this?? 100usd for a NEW hood, you have got to be kidding me!! Get some parts for the w126 and I'll buy them any day of the week!![:D]
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