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1985 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3
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I've got two 1985 190es sitting in my driveway taking up space. Neither one drives right now, one runs but needs a transmission and a new windshield and the other doesn't start and I'm not sure why but it's got to be electrical somewhere. One has a $1,500 set of rims and low profile tires on it that still hold air, as well as blacked out headlight covers. I'm sorry I don't have any pics to put on here right now but I can send you some if you want them.
IM me or call me if you're interested, my phone number is 937-751-5077.
I'm in North Platte, Nebraska which is about halfway between Denver, Colorado and Omaha, Nebraska.
No I cannot ship them to you and yes they will need towed unless you get them running here.
I'm asking $1,000 apiece or $1,800 for both of them and yes they are worth it from the rims alone.
Thank you for your interest!
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