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FS: Set of OEM 17" AMG 6-Spoke Wheels With OEM ContiProContact A/S Tires

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Recently upgraded to 18" double 5-spoke wheels and looking to get rid of these OEM 17" 6-spoke AMG wheels with OEM ContiProContact A/S tires from a 2009 C350. My car was purchased from Mercedes Financial with 1090 miles and these wheels and tires have approx. 1500 miles on them and are virtually brand new. There are no scratches on the wheels and the the tread on the tires is still near perfect (see pictures). These wheels are staggered with the front being 225/45/17 and the rears are 245/40/17. These tires do not come with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) as I am using the ones that came with these wheels for my current wheels.

I am located between Annapolis and Baltimore Maryland and am willing to meet for an exchange or ship ($250) anywhere in the continental U.S. I am looking for $1200 for the set as they are in mint condition and you are getting the wheels and the tires. PM me with any serious offers and we'll go from there.

7.5 x 17
offset 47
part number: 6-6-03-1400

8.5 x 17
offset 58
part number: 6-6-03-1401

Just to show how much the dealerships can charge, I had a quote of the following:

Dealership 1 - $1,037 for front and $1181 for rear (ridiculous!)
Dealership 2 - $828 for front and $888 for rear

Thanks a lot!

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Price is way too high for 17"s man. You can get 18"s with tires for that amount.
Fair enough and appreciate the feedback. I don't mind letting them go for cheaper, I tried to do some research on previous wheel/tire combos and figured I'd start with $1500. If someone is really interested and makes an offer, I'll probably take it. Going to most likely put them up on Ebay soon anyways since there is not as much of an interest in 17's.
New lowered price: $1200, which includes shipping to the east coast (if to the west coast, it'll be a little more due to greater shipping costs).
If these are available let me know, I will take them. [email protected]
PM sent.
I am interested. Please contact [email protected]
Email sent.
Wheels sold!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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