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Mods: Please delete my other thread. I only wrote 5x114.3 in the title and not 5x112. Thanks.

These are the real deal! The wheels are dual drilled with 5x114.3 and 5x112 bolt patterns. The offset is et50 without the factory Lorinser spacers and et43 with the 7mm spacers. The hub bore is 73mm without the spacers and 66.5mm with them. These are a set of five. Wheel condition is about 9/10. There is no curbage, no dents, no nicks... The only real problem is that on the fifth wheel the clearcoat is starting to peel, but that can be fixed with a good polishing and it doesn't really matter because it's only the spare anyway.

$800 firm! :eek: The reason for the cheap price is that I don't have the center caps and authentic Lorinser center caps are about $500. I'm told that Taiwanese knock off center caps can be had for $200. Or you can rock them without the center caps! I'm located in Philadelphia, but I'm in Westchester, NY every couple of weekends because my family lives there so if you live in the tri-state area we can work something out. Buyer pays shipping.

I'm not on here often so the best way to reach me is to text/call me at 914-400-7535.

You can see the clearcoat starting to peel on the fifth wheel:

These aren't the same set of wheels and are the 19x9 version but to give you a sense of what can be accomplished:

Help me pay my rent!
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