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FS: Pioneer Avic $300 Shipped

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i have a AVIC F500BT comes with built in bluetooth and also includes iPod and A/V cables which are a $75 value.. the unit was used once and then i figured i dont really need a gps for my car since my gf has hers .... i paid around 600 for this plus the cables so if your interested please send me a PM ...

located in Morristown NJ if you want to pick up

Thanks for the Interest =)

also you can get more info from :

Pioneer USA - GPS Navigation Systems
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Seems like a good deal! Ebay has them for 250 + shipping
yup =) its a great unit i just dont feel like i need it bc i literally go up and down the street its an awesome unit
Sounds like the solution I've been looking for. I want to keep the stock HU, and the ND-G500 allows this to patch into the speakers.

I cannot find much info on how it integrates with XM/Sirius?
If you have Bose you might need more channels than that. Isn't the Bose amp 5-channel? Of course if you do not have Bose you can replace the stock HU with no problems at all.
the ndg 500 integrates into teh factory speaker harness
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