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FS: O.Z. Racing 18" rims

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I have had these for-sale on here before.

Missing one center piece.

The front tires are in good shape. Needs new rear tires.

They came on my 300ce. I think they are made for r129.

They are et55.

Have slight curbage.

I am asking $450 for these.

Would like to trade for, bilstein shocks for w124, lowering springs for w124, or any 15" rims with correct offset.


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They did not stick out.

It you have a stiff suspension, and less wide tires you would not have rubbing.

My car had a worn suspension and wide tires and would only rub when I had 4 people in the car. I was fine with a passenger.
I'm sorry et is 35

Found it stamped in rim.

ET35 I am certain.

I returned your e-mail.
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