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Hey everyone. Im selling a 2004 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG. Im selling this car for a family member. She owned it for a couple of years. She has is the third owner of this vehicle. Sad to say the vehicle wasn’t treated how it should have been . the car is decent shape. Im trying to sell it as is the sooner the better.

The car has 61k on the odo and body. The interior is clean as well as the exterior. The car has the e63 conversion.
You can contact me PM or email at [email protected] g m a i l d o t c o m
Im located in Queens, NY

The good:
B service recently done
thurst arms and lower control arms and ball joints done
front and rear pads and rotors done with b service
e63 conversion
the leather in the interior is great

The bad:
Needs 4 tires
has an alignment issue
believe the car was in an accident
the supercharger pulley has a slight whine
spare tire is on the RF
front windshield is tinted
the cup holder is stuck
the check engine light is on
the previous owner cut into the headlight wiring harness to install after market HIDS.
one fog lamp is cracked.
and probably more that I cant think of now

the car has obviously seen better days. She bought this car not knowing anything about it. I can get the title whenever. This car would be good for someone needing an extra amg to mess with or basically someone with money to restore it. You can come by and see it whenever you want.

im asking for $15k. the price is very negotiable. Value in bad shape with kbb is about 22k. email me I will respond fast.


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Can you elaborate on what you describe as "...has an alignment issue"? Is that why you "...believe the car was in an accident"?
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