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FS: ML55 Sway bar, spare, rear muffler

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I've got these parts taking up room in the garage and wanted to offer them here before eBay.

35mm front sway bar - OEM
Spare tire, cover, jack and mount (could be installed in a 320/430)
Rear muffler with AMG tips - bolts right up to muffler under vehicle.

Email me if interested.
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I need to post pictures of a sway bar, an ML55 muffler and the spare tire? Come on guys, you know what this stuff looks like ;)

Sway bar - $175
Muffler - $425
Spare tire & cover - $200?
Pics - top sway is stock ML55 35mm - not a huge difference between it and the 38mm H&R but I've already bought and run it at the track this past weekend.


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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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