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For sale my Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v.This car is in need of a total and full restoration and will need to be trailored away as the brakes are sticking and car has no tax or mot as it has been stood since 2006.Car is located in the UK in Leeds.This is not a project you will have back on the road in a couple of weekends as it does need a lot work doing to it ie:welding,spraying,mechanical overhaul and general work associated with a full restoration.I am wanting around £700 for the car and will not brake it for spares as i would like to think someone with more time than me will appreciate it when its finished.The car needs too much work doing on it to list so if any brave restorers are interested please don't hesitate to contact Mathew on 07875259781.
2011-04-02 07.37.20.jpg

2011-04-02 07.36.55.jpg

2011-04-02 07.36.36.jpg

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2011-04-02 07.37.30.jpg
These cars are now becoming rare and collectable and i can't bring myself to brake it up for parts which i've been offered £500 quid for engine and gearbox.If i had a double garage and more space trust me i would love to restore it myself but my WIFE is getting sick of seeing it on the drive and says it has to go.
Thanks for looking
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