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FS: M117 Chain Tensioner - NOS 1170520331 or 1170500711

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Howdy folks,
I picked up this tensioner about a year ago and never got around to listing it. I figured I'd give the board first crack at it before fleabay. I believe list for this is over $250 now. I will message photos to interested parties. Contact through email or phone number below is preferred.

117 052 03 31 is stamped into the part itself.
117 050 07 11 was written on the box that it came in. I assume that is the part number for the "kit" which included the gasket. I will include the gasket, but its probably best to buy a new one as this one is slightly aged. It's probably still good, but I imagine a new one is not too expensive.

Asking $150 OBO. Trades welcome.

[email protected]
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Justin's price for the tensioner is more than fair as I just did that service to my 107 and paid a lot more. From pics it is obviously the OEM MB part. I recommend avoiding the Febi it's just not worth it given what happens if it fails. Consider also buying a 70 mm bolt and travelling nut to easily mount it using the threads rather than brute strength to push the spring loaded tensioner against the chain rail.
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