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Porsche 911 Turbo, Honda S2000, Crown Vic Police Interceptor :)
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First off I would like to introduce myself. I am a former Mercedes Benz dealer tech of over 10 years experience (early 1996 - late 2006) at a chicagoland MB dealership. I have since moved on and am actually a Porsche tech. This is where I started, and wanted to get into MB and then I got fed up with the dealer politics and decided to go back to Porsche. So needless to say a have a few items from my past job that I have no use for.

Here is a list. ALL ARE BRAND NEW unless stated.

202 - C-Class : Left and right front side marker lamps, amber/clear part numbers 202-826-12-4 and 202-826-11-43. Both are BRAND NEW. *SOLD*

210 - E-Class : K-40 Relay. Appears to be new. Has all fuses installed. Part number 210-540-00-72

210 - E-Class : Combo switch - turn signal switch. Part # 210-540-01-44 brand new item. *SOLD*

203 - C-Class : Grey shift boot assembly with shift ind. assembly with chrome trim only part number shown is 203-267-52-10 This is also brand new. *SOLD*

220 - S-Class : Seat Pulse switch. Part # 220-820-47-10 NEW

140 - S-Class : Charcoal Filter SWITCH (Dash) part number 140-820-71-10 NEW

ALL : New CD magazine # 002-820-62-89 brand new. *SOLD*

ALL : New CD Leather case (hold nav cd's audio cd's) Has MB logo on it. I believe these cam in the 220, 215, 230's Have about 10 of these

Shift Knob - Part # Q-6-6-81-8526 Black. List $160.00 Brand new in box.

Dash Reastat for interior lights. I think this is for 126 and 124 model cars. Part number 000-542-38-25. New in box.

Nav CD's / DVD's

(3) North America DVD 01/2004 Part # Q-646-0166 New in case
These are for 2004-05 CL, E, S Class
2005 SL and SLK Class cars.

Midwest CD 01-2004 Part # Q-646-0159 This works for the following cars -
2000 - S/CL Class, E, CLK and C Class.
2001 - S/CL Class, E, CLK and C Class
2002 - E, G, C and CLK Class
2003 - S, CL, SL, C, CLK and G Class
2004 - SL, CLK, G and C Class

Mid Atlantic USA (Map 8) 07-2002 Part # Q-646-0116 Still shrink wrapped
Ohio Valley USA (Map 6) 07-2002 Part # Q-646-0114 Still shrink wrapped
Midwest USA (Map 5) 07-2002 Part # Q-646-0113 Still Shrink Wrapped.
New Englang USA (Map 7) 08-1999 Part # Q-646-0031 Still in box. NOT shrink wrapped.

All discs are OEM and NOT copies. All in the OEM boxes/ plastic cases.

Please email me with your offer and zip code and I will let you know on shipping. I use FedEX.

Thanks. Also email me of you want pictures. There are too many items for me to post all here, and it states no links.

Thanks for looking.


* 2003 C240 w/61k * 1994 C280 w/226k! Totaled 06/16/08 *
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Interested in OEM CD Magazine

I am interedsed in the New CD magazine # 002-820-62-89. I just bought a 2003 C240 which was missing the CD Magazine. Shipping would be to Modesto CA.

[email protected]

Porsche 911 Turbo, Honda S2000, Crown Vic Police Interceptor :)
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Sorry that will not work in your ML. I don't have any ML disc's anymore. I do still have all the passenger car ones listed above.
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