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Hello All,

For sale is a brand new, never used, never installed, still in box Original Bosch (0280217114) mass air flow sensor for the 230 Kompressor models.
Amazon has it for approximately $112 + tax and shipping, I am selling it for $100+shipping...Please check out the pics.

Paypal or Venmo or Chase QuickPay only. PM me if you are interested.

The back story on why I am selling it:

The stupid CEL lit up for a P0170 code and I straightaway concluded that it has to be the mass air flow sensor, thanks to all the info on this forum regarding that code. I also always used to run my car on quarter tank of fuel or less and I was not aware that this is bad for the fuel pump. So, when the mechanic suggested I always keep half a tank or more, I filled it up right away and the CEL shut off on its own after about 10 miles of driving with 3-quarters tank full or more. It has not come on since and so, for now, I do not need this perfectly good brand new sensor.

Now, this mystery linking the P0170 code and fuel level is beyond me. Maybe I should post about this on the discussion section.


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