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I have a complete set of Brabus Monoblock IV's in 20x9.5 ET33. The hub bore on these is the Mercedes standard 66.56mm. These wheels are super rare and haven't been around for several years. They are all in great shape structurally as in they have no bends, no curbage and no cracks. They have to be refinished as the chrome is peeling around the lug holes and it is the perfect opportunity for someone to strip the chrome and have them powder coated or painted in the color of their choice. Brand new these wheels were $1,399 a piece, so $5,596 for an entire set! I'm asking $500 for the entire set as I need to clear up some space for my other parts. The wheels are sold "As Is" I am not a shop, I cannot warranty parts. I am selling my OWN parts that I used on my OWN cars not selling other people's stuff.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.

Thanks for Looking.

EMAIL ME @[email protected] if you're interested

Pics(sorry for the shotty quality, my phone blows at photos):

How they looked installed:

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