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FS: all-weather mats for W210

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Hey guys

Pls see photos below of all-weather black floor mats. I had totaled an E430 (well, someone else did by crashing into my rear end) back in December 06 and I've had these mats stored there for some time. The E320 I bought to replace it came with the same black all-weather mats.

Shipping on these would be pricey and I don't have a box that would allow me to ship these without curling the front mats up, so I'd prefer <b>local pickup</b>. I work in Waltham, MA and I live very close by, so meeting up somewhere mutually convenient to finish the transaction would be fine too.

The pictures aren't the best as they came from my cell phone but these mats hardly had any wear at all as I only owned the E430 for six months and had bought them new. The E320 had new mats as well so this is just a duplicate pair. I'll clean them before I complete the transaction; in the pictures they're a little dirty still.

I'm selling them ALL as a set, so please don't ask me for one or two. $50 would be great, pretty flexible but if you live in the Northeast these are a must in the winter, and they go for a lot more new.


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if you would consider shipping them to 94544 I would buy the set at your asking price of $50+shipping. Just let me know how to pay you other than
Paypal (I hate them)

thanks :thumbsup:
Thanks for mentioning that. I admire your being forthcoming.
I am still interested. However today is Mother's day so I have my schedule full and won't be able to get back to you perhaps Monday or Tues. Like I said
before "I don't like Paypal" but if that's your preference I'll find a way to comply.
If it hasn't sold yet by the time I get back to you I will buy it off you.


Pic 1 - mats side by side. the left one is the one that fits around the hump and that's mine; the right one is the slightly different-shaped mat.

pic 2 - the "other" mat in my car. fits great length-wise, just goes over the hump in the floor. does'nt seem like it'll be a problem but i can't guarantee that over time the mat won't rise a bit to compensate.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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