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Hi Guys! This is your oppurtunities to get the kits for your mercedes.
My factory is located in Singapore and Jakarta Indonesia.

Material are made of GPFRP

here are the kits that are all on SALE:

W208 CLK RS USD$699 shipp
W203 Coupe LORINSER USD$999 shipp
W203 Brabus USD$599 shipp
W203 Carlsson CRS USD$899 shipp
W211 Brabus kits USD$799 shipp
W211 Wald Kits USD$799 shipp
W209 Brabus kits USD$899 shipp
W209 AMG kits USD$899 shipp
W220 Brabus kits USD$699 shipp
W220 Wald kits USD$699 Shipp
W211 Carlsson USD$699 shipp
W140 Wald kits USD$ 799 shipp
W124 Wald kits USD$ 699 shipp
W210 Fabulous kits USD$ 800 Shipp

SL 55(New SL) AMG kits USD$999 shipp
SL Brabus kits USD$999 shipp
SL Wald Add on kits USD$999 shipp
SL 500/55( new SL) Fabulous kits email me!

Please visit my website

some pics are not available right now..should be this week it will be there.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: all international shippment will takes 1-2 month delivery time..other than that please reach me at [email protected] or you can meet me at MSN Messanger just add me [email protected]
we can chat overthere..thank you very much

This Material Is GPFRP!!!
LAtest Material !
Help alot in fitment issue

Previous kits we used FRP material

We have finally improved our standard and quality

You can bend 180 Degree to the kit without breaking them , hence the tolerance of fittings is much higher. Customer do not need to scared when you are about to handle fitment issue such as " off settings " on your kits

Autoblz Is proud to Unleash GPFRP to our Bodykits By ensuring top Notch Quality to Customer

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