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Well, I've had 2 great years living with my 79 300D as my daily driver, but I have moved onto another vehicle and sadly this one must go as I do not have any space to store it. Over the course of my ownership I have changed the oil every 3-4 thousand miles and have replaced the fuel and air filters either by their factory recommended time frames or before hand if need be. The car currently has 116,000 miles on it. I bought it with 98,000. I am the second owner of the vehicle.

The items that I have had replaced on the car since I purchased it two years ago are as follows:
- front brake rotors
- rt front brake caliper
- front brake hoses
- front pads and sensors
- alternator
- valve cover seal
- drag link
- shifter bushings
- tie rods
- all 5 glow plugs
- sway bar links
- 4 brand new tires: Pirelli P4 Four Seasons
- aux. fan
- neutral switch
- front and rear shocks
- front upper control arms and ball joint assembies
- schrader valve on a/c
- power steering and transmission filters and appropriate gaskets
- new battery

Services I've had done on the car:
- evacuate and recharge a/c (also, original servos in the unit was replaced in 2003 after failure)
- alignment
- valve adjustment
- flushed coolant system
- flush transmission fluid
- flush brake system
- flush power steering system
- regular oil changes and tire rotations

All oil charges were done by me and everything else was done by either Klaus Klitzler in Walton Hills, OH or by Mitch Carrs in Kensington, MD.

I am going to detail the car this weekend and at that time I can take more pictures of the vehicle if there is interest.

Things that need repair and/or attention:
-Rust is beginning to form on the bottom of the front right fender.
- Original windshield has a hairline crack near the bottom (does not affect visibility). It has not spread for over a year so I just let it be as I wanted to attend to other matters on the vehicle.
- The backs of the front seats have split in numerous spots. This occurred pretty soon after I shampooed the car. I am sure they could be recovered pretty cheaply as the rear seats were recovered for 140.00 back in 2007. Oh, the seats are not MB-Tex but instead they are cloth (blue).
- Also, the dashboard has the few, typical cracks that tend to occur on these cars.

- Beside those items listed above, everything else works terrifically on the car. The car has never left me stranded and starts even in the coldest of temperatures even without the engine block heater. There is very minimal blow-by and the car smokes only slightly when engine is cold.

- Included in the sale will be a few oil filters and fuel filters, the original toolkit, a brand new Bosch starter (I thought it may need replacing so I bought one. It turns out that it didn't but I held onto it just in case it ever did/does), new Bosch windshield wipers, and all manuals including a shop manual.

- The car also has a six-disc cd changer in the trunk that works great.

- I bought this car from a little old lady in Springfield who held onto it for seven years after her machinist husband passed away. She was an avid member of the Dayton German Club and only drove this car to and from her yacht club, to her beautician job nearby in town, or to her German Club meetings. Supposedly her husband rebuilt the entire engine at one point in it's life because one day he didn't like the way it sounded. I would believe it because it is one of the most quiet 300D's that I have heard. Anyways, she explained to me all of the loving maintenance that they performed on the car over the course of their ownership since it was new. However, she could not at the time find the book of maintenance records that she had. Since she was already distraught at selling her beloved car that she cherished with her husband, I didn't press her to dig it up. The car speaks for itself though as it runs beautifully and handles great. She also told me that the car went through seven car covers as it was always covered in their home garage when not in use. The paint still shines brightly.

- That's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. I am looking for somewhere in the region of $5000 OBO. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Looks a great car and great service too; I'm not interested as I'm looking for something else - but good job & good luck!

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Midday bump

I would really like to get this car sold before the winter comes upon us. Will accept reasonable offers or super weird and/or interesting trades (ie Ural motorcycle, AR-15's, etc.)
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