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I have a 1968 250S sedan in good condition for sale in the Portland, OR area. I bought it a couple of months ago as a project car, but have since developed a lack of both time and money to work on it. Rather than let it sit in my garage, I thought it would be better for someobdy else to have it.

I'm asking $2000 for it, and will consider any reasonable offers. I haven't spent a lot of time with the car, but do know a few things about it:

-It's perfectly driveable as-is right now. It could use a set of tires, but is otherwise capable (I believe) of driving anywhere in the country.

-Recent work on the car includes new master cylinder and front brakes (calipers, rotors, etc), new battery, carbs professionally rebuilt, transmission service including new filter, heat/vent controls replaced.

-It says it has 68368 miles, but has probably rolled once.

-The interior is in great shape with no holes/tears in the seats, all the wood is there and in decent condition, the gauges all work, the stock AM/FM radio works well. There are a couple of cracks in the dash, but they aren't very big.

-Outside, there is some damage to the front left fender and bumper that is visible in the pictures. The rest of the body is straight. There is no rust visible, but again I haven't gone looking for it.

-It starts right up and runs very well. It's not fast, but is quite comfortable for highway driving.

Here's a picture:

More pictures are at

Please email me if you have specific questions or need to know who to make the check out to.[:D] I will be happy to check anything you want or take pictures of anything specific.

One more thing: I'm not interested in parting this car out. If you want a part, it will cost $2000 and you'll get some extra parts thrown in.

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