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2001 CLK430 glac. wh
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Latest Maximum performance tire from Bridgestone to eclipse the S02's.
They're off my 2001 CLK 430. I got them on the car in April 2002 and they've been off the car for 2 weeks. They're undamaged, no scrapes, no flaws, no flat repairs, no hitting the curb. I'm selling off the parts on the car because I've given the car up[:(.
The tire sizes are:

2 x 225-45-17 80% tread
2 x 245-40-17 75% tread

They are an awesome set of tires. The car has a new sense of surefootedness and confidence with these tires. Email me if interested. I'm asking $500 Usd. + shipping. I'm in Vancouver, BC.
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