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1997 s320, 1994 E320 Cab, 1989 300ce (parting out soon)
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My son has had his 300e for 5 1/2 years and I think together we are going to upgrade him. Target is in a couple of weeks.

First of all it has 215k miles on it. and the paint is faded on the hood and top..nice on sides. So you can quit reading if this is of no interest.

This has been an amazing car.... sure we have done stuff to it, rubber, fan clutch, water pump, and other nitpicky things. It hasn't been to a shop since we' ve owned it.

I got it from a guy in South Florida after haggling with him for months. At the time it had 147k miles on it.. but wait... it just had the A/C completely rebuilt (i have 3200 in receipts) and the head had been done and the transmission rebuilt just before he got it....

I simply won't part this car out. It has to go to someone. We are probably going to sell it in the 1200 range. The euro headlights will stay, rims will come off and stock will be put on with good rubber

It gets it's fluid changes regularly. We are fanatical about that. I believe the drivers rear window does not go down..and the front passenger is closed, but to get it up to snuff, it needs to be adjusted.

The car color is black/blue with grey tex interior.

It is currently located in Greenville, South Carolina

I have a complete list of what we have done.

Pictures available.

OIL CHANGE 02/17/2005 147,500
BRAKE FLUID 02/24/2005 147,721
LEFT REAR DOOR CHECK 04/07/2005 149,238
FRONT BRAKE PADS 04/26/2005 150,122 View
OIL CHANGE/FILTER 05/05/2005 150,300 View
OIL CHANGE/FILTER 07/18/2005 153,300 View
FRONT SWAY BAR BUSHINGS 08/02/2005 153,115 View
REAR SHOCKS 08/20/2005 155,500 View
REAR BRAKE PADS 08/20/2005 155,500 View
OIL/FILTER CHANGE 09/22/2005 156,300 View
LEFT FRONT SHOCK MOUNT 10/22/2005 157,325 View
OIL FILTER CHANGE 04/12/2006 160,957 View
RIGHT FRONT SHOCK MOUNT 04/17/2006 161,100 View
REAR LINKS 04/17/2006 161,100 View
OIL CHANGE 04/18/2006 161,134 View
REAR VIEW MIRROR 05/25/2006 162,300 View
AIR FILTER 07/04/2006 163,400 View
IDLER ARM BUSHINGS REPLACE 08/12/2006 164,600 View
OIL FILTER CHANGE 11/23/2006 166,700 View
ROTATED TIRES 11/23/2006 166,720 View
WINDSHIELD WIPER 02/22/2007 168,300 View
OIL CHANGE 05/05/2007 172,060 View
COOLANT CHANGE 05/05/2007 172,060 View
BRAKE FLUID RE-FRESH 05/05/2007 172,060 View
POWER STEERING FLUID CHANGE 05/05/2007 172,060 View
SPARK PLUG CHANGE 05/22/2007 172,300 View
VOLTAGE REGULATOR 08/12/2007 173,600 View
OVP 08/12/2007 173,600 View
SERPENTINE BELT 08/12/2007 173,600 View
FAN CLUTCH 08/12/2007 173,600 View
MOTOR MOUNTS 08/12/2007 173,600 View
WATER PUMP 08/26/2007 174,200 View
BELT TENSIONER 10/03/2007 175,900 View
TRANSMISSION MOUNT 10/13/2007 176,200 View
TIRE ROTATION 10/13/2007 176,200 View
OIL CHANGE 12/31/2007 178,200 View
FRONT BRAKES 01/20/2008 179,014 View
SWAY BAR BRACKET 02/02/2008 179,315 View
ROTOR 03/04/2008 180,231 View
REAR BRAKES/ROTORS 10/22/2008 188,100 View
RADIATOR OVERFLOW TANK 07/26/2010 212,676 View
G-5 Coolant/Cap 07/26/2010 212,676
New Alternator/regulator 10/29/2010 214,300

We stopped recording the oil changes, but you get the idea



gotta catch em all
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You will have a hard time letting this one go. Great care and documentation.
Someone will get a nice W124, if you really do sell it. I couldn't.
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