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1996 S500 coupe
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ok folks,

I think I will be going back to a W140 once I sell my W124. As much as I love my rare W124 coupe, I am in love w/ the W140

so here it goes:

88 300ce, black on black, 108k miles (173km), $7100 USD ($8700 cdn)

euro headlights/ tail lights, new Toyo tires w/ 1500km on them, new Interstate battery w/ warranty, (original parts included), no rust, no accidents, no wear and tear inside (leather looks impeccable), everything works, its certified, emission tested, clean carfax documentation and UVIP included. Local Toronto car w/ clear title and no record of any accidents on the insurance bureau, no paint work, all VIN numbers on bumpers and trunk lid etc match

also includes a new Pioneer MP3, and JBL speakers all professionally installed w/ all receipts (for warranty purposes)

$2k in receipts (maintenance parts) since Dec 04, including (but not limited to) the following:

timing chain, tensioner, belt, waterpump, all brakes, various gaskets, spark plug wires, plugs, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, OVP, engine mounts, complete tranny service (filter/gasket, torque converter flush - all MB fluids in Dec 04), complete coolant flush (incl. block, heater core - flush and refilled w/ MB coolant in Dec 04), in Feb 04, fuel distributor was taken out and throttle body and intake manifold were professionally cleaned, bottom side of fuel distributor was cleaned, as a result, it's very responsive, idles perfect and engine feels very healthy

cleanest, finest running, most original 300CE you will ever find. Drives very well, no rattles, squeaks, does not wander on the road, very solid and steady on the highway, great gas milage (after a complete tune up was done), and a joy to own. Always garage stored in an upscale condo w/ security. Always pampered and hand washed. Oil changes done every 4000km. When time comes for the oil change, the old oil is not dirty... it's still clear and some what gold coloured indicating a healthy engine. Compression and leak down test performed and headgasket is fine also

bad stuff:

Power antennae does not work

Before the sale, I will have to get the hand brake cables checked and if necessary, replace them. I have noticed over time, hand brake does not hold the car as well as it used to, and I have to depress the pedal all the way to the end. No biggie, I will have it taken care of before the sale.

local buyers may also have the car inspected @ any MB dealership they wish for a full report

email me: [email protected] if you have any questions


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