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Due to unforeseen financial circumstances, I had to close a business and need to sell a recently purchased E350.You would think a dealer would have some loyalty to their customers, but when I explained my situation on a car 3 months old, with less than 1000 miles, they offered me $43,000 on the vehicle to buy it back. Now, I fully expect SOME depreciation, but seriously, $20,000? They lost my business. They fail to see that I may be a customer in the future, they only care about $$$.

In any case, I need to sell my '12 E350. It is fully loaded with

890 Lunar Blue
108 Ash MB Tex
736 Black Ash Wood Trim
230 Parktronic
413 Power tilt/panorama sunroof
873 Heated front seats
104 Rear spoiler
P02 Package
321 Sport Package
997 Driver Assist package with distronic PLUS, blind spot assist, and active lane keeping asssist.

I paid over $60k for this vehicle, am located in Maryland. I was hoping to get $52,000 for the vehicle. Its in perfect shape and if anyone is interested, please email me, or text me at 443 253 6812.

Thank you.
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