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I have a 2006 CL600, and you don't (yet).

Isn't it time to change that? I mean, I'm a great guy and all, but why should I get to hog all these nice cars, while you merely click on my for-sale ads?

Step up for the holidays! Wife wants a diamond necklace? F that! Kids need pajamas? Give them one of your old t-shirts. Daddy (ok, or mommy) needs a V12 bi-turbo Mercedes you rugrats.

This is a 2006 CL600 Mercedes with 82K miles. Options are AMG sport package, heated steering wheel, keyless go, sat radio, and trunk closer. Then of course the usual craziness including COMAND navigation, dynamic/heated/cooled front seats, rear power shade, full hand-stitched leather everywhere, alcantara headliner, bi-xenons, and a whole lot more.

Clean carfax, no accidents, paintwork, or bodywork ever. Cosmetic condition is simply ridiculous for the year/'ll never see another 82K mile car in this one's condition. Everything inside and outside the car looks new. I mean NEW. No wear on the seats, no stress cracks to the wood trim, no nothing. Rear seats appear new and unused.

Owned by the president of a large bank. Under original warranty, then CPO, then MB extended warranty which covered this car until May of 2013.

Because of that, and because of the bank-president's 'what a giant nitpicky pain-in-the-a**' personality (according to the service manager at the MB dealerhip where he serviced the car), EVERYTHING was done, and then some. This car's service history is NINE FULL PAGES of FOUR POINT TYPE! You name it, it was done....ABC struts, engine mounts, Mobil 1 oil changes, wheels replaced due to cosmetics, all routine maintenance, and on and on and on.

The car, as a result, drives like new; tight like new, fast like new, quiet/smooth like new.

Also included at asking price is a very very high end ($4K+) iPod input, Blinder front&rear laser jammer, and K40 hidden radar detector. I usually yank these out when I see them, but not this one. This was a multi-thousand dollar job, with incredible attention to detail like tiny (TINY) LEDs integrated into the sides of the instrument cluster, grill cut-outs to accomodate the emitters, etc. It's very very nice.

The car will be detailed, come with all books, remote key, all service history, original window sticker, near-new staggered Michelin Pilot Sport tires, newish brakes, and will need nothing.

Price is $22,900, and that included an ECU flash to give the car 610HP. Car is located in eastern PA, about 45 min north of Philly. I can provide low-cost rapid transport anywhere in the USA.

Yes, for the miles the price is on the higher end. But if you come and see it and drive it, you'll know why. In fact I'd venture a guess that the first person to drive it will buy it, it's that nice. I recently had an 11K mile CL600, and a 19K mile CL600. Both were in immaculate cosmetic and mechanical condition. This car is the equal to those two cars, and I am not kidding. It's amazing.

If interested call Bruce at 856-912-2600, or email me at [email protected].



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