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1999 G500
Europa Import
Black with black leather
60K miles
$38,000 OBO

Pictures at:

This has got to be the ultimate G-wagen. Beautiful, strong and incredibly fast without the electronics of the MBUSA versions of 2002 and on.

I am the third owner and I bought this truck two years ago from a fellow in LA who was moving up to a G55. It has always been garaged and we don’t use salt on Anchorage streets in the winter. I am selling because I need to liquidate some assets and simplify my life. I am looking to go back to a 460 and hopefully a diesel so I can put two years of bio diesel fanaticism into reality. I will consider a 460 as a partial trade. I cannot live without a G-wagen in the garage.

It has had its complete 50K service and all fluids were replaced and synthetics put in the appropriate spots. It is mechanically flawless.

The body shows a few scratches on the roof from trees and a small dent in the right rear quarter panel up high. There is no rust or other body damage. The left front fender flare has a small crack where it joins up with the mud flap. The pics show the RF mud flap missing but a new one is now installed. So there are mud flaps both front and rear. The windshield is brand new from Mercedes.

The interior is immaculate with gorgeous black leather on the seats and door panels.. The carpet flap which covers the battery compartment is slightly damaged by a nervous border collie chewing on the edge of it. Tool kit/first aid kit is unused. The windows are very darkly tinted from its California days.

It is wired for a rear roof mount CB antenna with a hand held unit which plugs into a discrete plug down by the tidy box in front of the shifter.

The truck has parktronic but it is a bit buggy and unplugged at this time. I have not bothered trying to trouble shoot it. It has an integrated radar detector with lights and sound singlas with a city and highway setting.

It came equipped with an older analog Motorola phone but I have removed all that equipment but will include it if desired.

Wheels are the standard 18� alloys (the spare matches and had never been used). There are two sets of tyres – blizzaks for the winter and Dueler HTs for the summer.

The copilot’s lumbar seat button is going south and should be replaced. The keys are a bit weird and probably a new one should be bought. I tried twice but the local dealer screwed it up twice so I have given up – Europa will be able to get it. One key can open the doors but will not start the motor. The other will start the motor but not open the doors. Weird, eh?

Since I have owned it:
 New optima battery
 Rebuilt the Front and rear diff lock system with all new parts/fluid etc
 Replaced front bumper with a tow pin bumper like that found on the earlier 463’s. the tranny cooler is moved back about three inches and mounted under the radiator.
 Full 50K service to include tranny flush and fill, new spark plugs, wires, lube, etc etc.
New windshield

Vehicle is located in Anchorage Alaska and I will ship it anywhere. Cost to ship to LA is approx $1000-1500.

Contact me at [email protected] or (907) 345-7038 (we are on AK time - one hour behind Pacific Standard time)


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Beautiful Truck 1999 G500

Beautiful Truck 1999 G500, good luck in your sale!
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