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Car runs good but my MB mechanic said it needs the following:
-Engine mounts
-Ball Joints
-Trans Service
-Valve Body
-Belt Tensioner
-Tie Rod
-Rear Tires

He said that with these items, the car would be great again. My wife, however, has other plans.

$1700 obo

The previous owner had the car in Florida so some of the exterior plastic is brittle (bumper trim) and has cracked. Passenger mirror is missing the spring. It is currently in the garage and out of the weather. The tan leather interior is in fair shape and does show signs of wear. Never been smoked in. The car was never in an accident. The car has the factory CD changer in the trunk and the factory stereo which works good. The alloy wheels are still in good shape. All of the drive train should be good, but the tranny has never been serviced and it has 201K on it. My wife said it slipped the last time she drove it, but if has not happened to me. The car starts right up, but I recently got a P0380 that needs to be looked into. The A/C runs cold.
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