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Helping a friend I have known for the past fifteen years or so sell a 190E 2.6 that has been in his family since new.

Car is a 1991 190E 2.6L, red on palomino MBTex. 103,000 miles on the odometer, purchased at and serviced by the Austin Mercedes dealer until 78,000. After that I believe it went to Ben'z Workshop off 5th.
Recent service.
Rear shocks @ 97,000
Wipers, distributor cap, O2 sensor, ect... @ 102,000
Battery @ 103,000
Car has clear title, no damage history.

The bad: has a slight hesitation when you first accelerate from a stop but drives fine after that. Blower motor bearings are squealing, and the car has been repainted. Luster is good but the prep work was so so, pretty sure this is a $1,000 MAACO paint job. Hood pad is vacating the building, one chunk at a time. Fan speed switch is missing a knob.

I drove this car on Saturday and it drives great. Very clean on the inside, seats are firm, no stains on the carpet and it is obvious that the window tinting has saved the interior from sun damage. No cracks on the dash and the needled have not faded. Aftermarket Alpine stereo and CD changer that operates through a separate controller for some odd reason. All of the buttons worked, with the exception of the driver's seat switch that was fiddly at first. The engine showed non of the oil leaks that my 300SE exhibits at the U seal or the valve cover gasket, and the Beru spark plug wires appear to have been changed with the cap at 102k. Checked the coolant tank and no evidence of oil. Shock mounts showed no cracks, rear suspension had no clunks. Tires are all matching Toyo Spectrums with little wear. Someone please buy this before I make it car number 11.

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