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FS 1987

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What you guys think about this car? Can someone run a CARFAX? Is it worth $4K?

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Hey how are you?
OK, the car looks good, the mileage is relatively low, I would say it's a winner for that price. I think it warrants a closer look, that is, if you are interested, you need to do the carfax, check the car out and so on. I don't think it is a waist of time.
To get at even a better price, find flaws and start deducting to negotiate. You need to create a ZOPA (a Zone Of Possible Agreement) by spreading the Delta. This means you need to show him that you are using his figure as a reasonable max but your figure will be lower as you discover things he did not account for to asses his value. This will bring his expectation lower for you to low ball him.
I say it's worth it.
I hope to see you again in the next meet, maybe with a w126. Well even your present Benz rocks anyway.
Thx Professor... Woud love to own this one. Love the color and the wheels.

I hope to see you guys on the next meet!
That's a fair
price/place to
start. Get It
checked out.
Bring it to the
next meet[:)]
We shall see... thanks for all yuor input.
Thanks John for the CARFAX. I think I'll wait until I find a pristine condition like yours!
Find a 1989 or newer. So many subtle differences. Much more comfortable too.
Why did this car not come up a year ago. it is in Maryland! Very hard to come by such cars in Maryland. I bought my 1990 troublemaker for $6000 with 198000 miles on it. I would definitely buy this one without any reservation. It has low mileage and looks great for that price.

Go for it!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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