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1985 Mercedes Benz 300D. 3.0L 5 cylinder turbo diesel, 231,000 miles. Located in Nederland Colorado (80466), $2900 OBO. Light blue outside, blue MB Tex inside, 4-speed auto, power windows/locks/sunroof. Car is in good overall condition. Runs great, 27-30 mpg, fires right up even on chilly mornings, its only seen down to about 5-10 degrees F since I got it, but no issues starting without being plugged in (has a block heater though just in case). It smokes a bit on startup (like most diesels do), but once you start to drive it doesn't smoke at all. Has been very reliable for me commuting 80 miles a day from Nederland to Lakewood. 1985 was the last year for this model (W123 chassis) and has taller rear end ratio for better gas mileage, I can go 550 to 600 miles on a tank. I also added metal rear sway bar end links from a W115 so it corners w/ a little less body roll then most W123's (still no sports car of course).

It comes w/ two sets of wheels, one with worn all seasons on Mercedes alloy wheels, and a brand new set of snow tires on steel wheels (snows currently mounted). With the snow tires it handles great on slick roads and has no problem getting moving, I have a set of snow chains that will go with it as a just in case, but they shouldn't be needed. It has been well maintained, in the last 6 months since I bought the car it has had:

Passenger side lower ball joint replaced.
Bilstein HD shocks front and rear
New steering damper
Rear trailing arms replaced (shock mount rusted out, very common on these cars, should be checked on any old mercedes you are looking at, very expensive and/or time consuming to do)
Rear bumper replaced (mounts corroded, very common on these cars)
Transmission fluid flushed, new filter, pan and gasket put on
Transmission modulator re-sealed
Valves Adjusted
New primary/secondary fuel filters
2 HVAC changeover valves
Drivers side window switch
Changed Air Filter
Changed Diff Fluid
Changed PS pump fluid/filter (yes there is a power steering fluid filter on these cars, often overlooked)
Changed Coolant
Full Synthetic oil/filter ever 5000 miles
Boston Acoustics speakers front and rear
Hankook Winter I-Pike snow tires on steel wheels (about 1000 miles on tires, just put on a few weeks ago)

Everything on the car works except AC and Cruise, including power windows and sunroof, vacuum locks, all HVAC vacuum pods/changeover valves. The AC compressor does not currently have a belt on it (I bought it this way). The compressor turns freely so I would imagine it needs the belt put back on and a charge, I have a belt for it. The cruise most likely needs the control module replaced or re-soldered if you're handy. The front and rear flex joints are in good shape. CV boots are checked, but not split. Front brakes are good, rear pads are getting low, should be good for another 15-20k though. It drives straight and vibration free down the highway, doesn't pull or pulsate under braking. The muffler has a few rust holes in it, I used some muffler repair tape and sealed it up so it's nice and quiet. With the replacement of the rear trailing arms and bumper, the car is structurally rust free, the whole underside of the body was undercoated at one point w/ a rubbery material. Being a 26 year old car it has a few cosmetic rust spots around the inner rear fenders, one spot by the drivers side tail light, and one spot by the rear window. They are all just paint bubbles right now but could get worse if not addressed. It doesn't burn oil, but will leave some spots on your driveway. I keep an eye on the oil every fill up, seems to leak a quart every 2000-3000 miles. There are some transmission leaks from dried out seals. I have had the transmission pan and vacuum modulator seal replaced to address the main ones, but there are still other trans fluid leaks. I just had the modulator seal replaced a month ago, and it hasn't leaked enough to show it on the dip stick since then, maybe a an ounce or two a month. Inside is in good condition minus a few cracks in the dash, some ripped fabric on the B-pillar from the drivers seat belt hitting it, and a cigarette burn on the drivers door panel (no smell of smoke inside, I don't smoke and neither did the previous owner). Outside the paint is in ok condition. It is peeled off in a few spots. All lights work, all glass is intact, full size spare in trunk, and standard colorado crack across the windshield. Overall the car is in good condition, I have spent over $2,000 and countless hours in repairs in the last 6 months, I wouldn't hesitate driving it across country tomorrow.

It's a great car, but am in the process of simplifying/paying off some bills right now so it's time for it to go. I'm not really looking for trades, but if you have something let me know, it doesn't hurt to ask. My only requirement would be no automatics.

I live in Nederland but work in Lakewood so I could meet either place or somewhere in between.


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