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I have a 1985 280SE for sale north of Atlanta. I just bought a 2000 S430 and need to sell my old ride.

When I was driving it, I drove about 25 miles each way to/from work. It gets about 18 mpg in all around driving. I put a garmin in the glove compartment and use it to compute gas mileage. It easily goes 80 mph down the highway smooth and effortlessly.

It has about 165000 miles

Originally purchased in Germany and shipped to the states. It recently passed emissions.

The good:
It has the M110 engine.
I have extensive records on the car.
Late last year, I got new brakes, new exhaust hangers, had the power steering pump resealed and transmission sealed.
Euro headlights/city lights
Euro bumpers
The dash is not cracked.
It has the triangle in the trunk and the first aid kit inside the car.

I’ve also got all the windows working with a mixture of parts (plastic sliders and motors).

The bad:
The interior is a bit rough.
The driver’s seat has a crack close to where your right shoulder goes.
The wood is a bit rough too.
The odometer does not work.
The A/C does not work. It gave out late last year.
It’s a bit hard to start. But once it warms a bit, it is very strong without shuddering.

Feel free to email me direct at [email protected] or through the benzworld site.

VIN WDB1260221A114713
Model 280 SE
Chassis 1260221A114713
Engine 110989 12 077632
Transmission 722300 02 572779
Order 0 4 364 00909
Approx. year 1984
Dealer S & G KHE (Schoemperlein & Gast), karlsruhe (364)
Interior leather brazil brown (273)
702 smoke silver metallic (с 01.01.1983)
221 left front seat, electrically adjustable (с 01.11.1978)
222 right front seat, electrically adjustable (с 01.11.1978)
240 outside temperature indicator (с 01.03.1982)
410 electric sliding roof (с 01.03.1965 по 29.02.1988)
420 automatic transmission, floor shift (с 01.01.1963)
430 headrests in the rear (с 01.01.1977)
440 tempomat (cruise control) (с 01.09.1975)
504 outside rear view mirror, right, electrically adjustable (с 01.11.1978 по 29.02.1986)
outside rear view mirror, right, electrically adjustable (l.h.d.)
taxi version, f.r.g, and outside rear view mirror on the right
543 sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right (с 01.11.1978)
563 front seats, left and right, reinforced (с 01.04.1970)
570 folding armrest front w202/210 stowage box front with armrest (с 01.04.1970)
front folding armrest w202 - housing at front with armrest
588 automatic climate control and electric window lifters (front and rear doors) (с 01.01.1977)
590 heat-insulating glass, all-around, heated rear window pane (laminated glass), Germany
green heat-insulating glass all round, heated rear window, laminated safety glass - Germany (с 01.01.1972)
600 headlamp wiper/washer (с 01.08.1971)
611 courtesy lamps for front and rear doors, with W124 also for central doors/W202 front doors only (с 01.11.1978)
673 high-capacity battery (с 01.01.1964)
731 wood trim, burred walnut root (с 01.08.1980)
812 rear-mounted loudspeaker (с 01.11.1974)
835 coir mats (с 01.08.1962 по 31.10.1989)
877 reading lamp in the rear (с 01.11.1963)
940 odometer calibrated (с 01.11.1968)


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