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EMAIL ME YOUR # and Ill call you, or email you pictures, NO PMs


FS: 1983 300CD Turbo Diesel / CA/AZ car Price $6500, payment: cashiers check. It is currently located in Flagstaff, AZ, but I am willing to deliver it to southern california (provided certain conditions are met).

I am consolodating my fleet because I will be moving soon. Otherwise Id keep it because I love this car. I have had it since september 2000.

514k miles, very well maintained, and loved.

20% tint in rear, 38% tint in the front (metailic tint)
AN oil cooler lines
560 SEL brakes, professionally resealed, with bigger backing plates, etc.
aftermarket radio with MP3 and input on the face
antenna wired for XM
euro headlights with "chromed" insides
Im just going to sell it with the 15" wheels pictured. I know you have seen my car on 16, 17, 18 inch wheels on the forum, but the car is for sale with the 15" wheels as pictured.
euro warning triangle.
passengers side convex mirror lense.

Maintainence Items:
A/C compressor at 475k ish.
A/C Line at 495k.
Timing chain at around 500k miles (all new rails and pins)
rebuilt injectors at 510k, It didnt need them. I just wanted to do it.
New glow plugs at the same time
All new front suspension, including a steering box from a car with 30k miles.
replaced the ignition tumbler last month.
of course regular oil changes at about 3k miles.
recent tranny service
cruise amp

Extra Upgrades/ maintainence that I have started, but not finished:
boost gauge and pyrometer (EGT). I have the sensor in, the gauges would just need to be wired and installed in the car.
New Zimmerman rotors that have been cross drilled, cryofrozen and nickel plated.
new porterfield R4S pads for the above
new trunk seal
european glow plug controler (with 60 seconds afterglow)<--probably doesnt need this, starts well as it is.

I have run biodiesel from mountainbiofuel in Flagstaff, AZ in it and it responds very well. It starts very well (after I did the glow plugs and injectors) even in the subfreezing temperatures. I was going to put in a block heater, but I havent had to use it yet. I personally feel that 50/50 biodiesel runs better and starts better.

This car has been very reliable for me. I was commuting from Tucson to Flagstaff in Summer 2005, and I have driven it to San Diego to see my family, more times than I can count on my fingers and toes.

And whomever buys my car will have first right of refusal to buy about a pallet full of parts (We can work that out too).

I will also be offering up my 1982 300CD (white) up for sale check back.

I tried to be as detailed as possible and hit the major items, but if you have any questions let me know. I have a folder full of recepts about 2 inches.

If you don't like the price, then this car is not for you. I have at LEAST 10k into it as it sits.
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