Lots of work done. Solid car. Interior is very clean. 5 cylinder turbo diesel.
  • Valves adjusted, fuel filters replaced. Runs fantastic, plenty of power. No blowby. Always starts right up even in cold.
  • Transmission shifts well, no slipping, quick to select gears and kick down.
  • H&RLowering Springs, Bilstein shocks
  • Upper control arms, steering box, tie rods and ball joints replaced.
  • All vacuum leaks fixed.
  • New power steering pump.
  • Climate control unit rebuilt, heater control valve new.
  • Brakes have plenty material. Stops quickly.
  • Has original window sticker and stack of service records from new.

Don’t be scared by the mileage - these OM617 engines are the Cummins diesels of the Mercedes world. They regularly go beyond 500k miles with normal maintenance.

Mechanically very healthy. Very fun to drive. Rides and handles great. Front end is basically all rebuilt. New suspension around. Turbo pulls well and gets 25-30mpg. Sold on stock wheels, original headlights and taillights included.