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1979 300CD (no eng/tran) 4spd OM616 (possible swap), 1984 300D "Murky"
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FS: 1978 240D 214K, no smoke (at all!) 4spd Stick Shift "Manila Beige" Portland, OR

Hey Guys... I'm thinking about selling my Clean Title 1978 240D "Creamy":( She runs and drives great... The engine runs flawlessly with 214K on the car.
(I'm serious, it runs WAY better than my 1985 300D T and my 1987 300D T.:confused:) It shifts good through all gears and has lots of clutch left. It does
grind very slightly when putting it in 2nd, and only when reved a lil high) I learned after a few minutes of driving how to shift it into 2nd without any grind...
(worn syncro...) I think the door seals leak (But then I'd be surprised if they didnt being 32 years old:rolleyes:) but I may be replacing all of them within the
next month or so... (if it doesnt sell) Also the paint hasnt faded the same on some panels... I think it was in partial shade somewhere hot for a while...
oh ya! No Rust! and the turn signal switch doesnt work right now, but I'm working on that...
I'm not sure How much I want for it... but make me an offer! Or trade for a newer 190D???:)

Below are a tone of Pics! Take a look!:thumbsup:


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