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FS- 17" Hyper Silver Rims/Michelin Tires

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I have the rims/tires following for sale-

4 17" Hyper Spoke Rims/Michelin Tires off my 2005 230 Sport Sedan

Front-17" x 7.5" 36ET 225 45 17 Michelin Primacy Pilots, not quite 3k miles
Rear- 17" x 8.5" 34 ET 245 40 17 Micheline Primacy Pilots, not quite 1.5k miles

Rims and tires in excellent condition. Only very small chip on front rim, very minor scratches (must be within 2ft or less to see), otherwise perfect. No curb rash of anykind. Very, very small minor chips on one rear rim, (again must be within 2ft or less to notice), but no curb rash of anykind.

These rims have been very well taken care of. I am beyond anal when it comes to my car. They have been sealed with Klasse numerous times, and I spent three hours cleaning the back side of all rims upon removal, of brake dust and they have been sealed as well. I even cleaned all of the lug bolts.

Tires are almost brand new, the fronts just prior to my purchase of the car, and the rears were new when I got it. See attached pictures.

Price- $1,000

These are already packed and sealed in the approiate boxes ready for shipping. I do not need to sell these rims, so I am sticking firm in my price, but will deal on shipping depending on the location.

I live in No. CA and if anyone purchases who lives in my area I will work something easy out on delivery/pick-up. These are excellent rims/tires, and I would like to see them go to a good home. They would make great OEM replacements. PM with any questions and I can provide additional pictures if needed. Thank you.


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Approx $118, Fed Ex home delivery, approx 4 days. I will work with you on the shipping costs. I am in No. CA.
Wheels packaged in plastic bags, with bubble wrap, then cardboard to protect rims, in boxes that fit each wheel. Each box weights approx 32-35 lbs, will check without air.
These are really nice and well cared for rims and tires. If you have questions you can call me, 707-718-2975-Mark.

Thanks for the inquiry.
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