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had these on my 94 e320 for about 2 weeks and driven on them for less than 500 miles. I and have recently purchased a different set of rims and need to get rid of these. they are 15x7 et37mm offset 5x112 bolt pattern with silver centers and polished lips. They come with mercedes caps and lugs.

there are a few marks on 3 of the wheels... (please email me for detailed picturessee pictures) despite this, they are basically brand new, striaght and true, with no curb or road rash.

3 of the tires are michelin MXV4's plus 195/65/hr15 all season tires, with the exception of one.... being an MXV3 plus. All were brand new in novemeber when i put them on the car. Ive put approx 2500 miles on the car since november. im not a tire dealer... nor an expert on tires so i can not really tell you how many 32nds of tread are left.... but i can assure you is that there is plenty left!!!!

the picture below is the style of the wheels. please email me and i will send you pictures of the actual wheels and tires...... with up close shots of the imperfections.

i would like to sell the tires and wheels for 500 bucks plus shipping. Basically 300 for the rims and 200 for the tires.

if you have any other questions... please email me at [email protected]

again, please email me for pictures... too many to post


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