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I am selling my 02 C230 Coupe because i am need of a new car so i will be very lenient with price! PLEASE ACT QUICKLY

The car has 35 percent LEGAL tints i have never been pulled over for them
Black powder coated REPLICA AMG RIMS 18 inch. The wheels also come with 12mm spacers rear and 10 mm spacers front for aggressive looks
I have 8000k GP THUNDER bulbs installed in the low beam headlights
Tailights have been smoked
Bright white LED license plate lights
Car runs smooth and has always been that way since day one
Milage is approx. 200,000 BUT has absolutely no sign of deterioration, Paint is flawless aside from one to two scratches. Interior is also flawless. Tiptronic Transmisiion(auto/manual) BOSE Premium Sound System
The car has been in 2 accidents
Both accidents involved damage to the front but NO DAMAGE TO THE ENGINE. The car has no frame problems and front has been fully rebuilt
The car has a SLIGHT coolant leak which prevents the car from accelerating as fast as it usually would. The fix is estimated to be around 1500 dollars. Not a big problem

Any questions please contact me at 1631 418 5857

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