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Frozen 2009 Tailgate

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The tailgate on my 2009 B200 keeps freezing. I press the button and nothing happens. A couple of hours in a garage and all is back to normal.

The release mechanism is different from my 2006 model. In 2009 this release appear to be a "fly by wire" where if my memory serves me well it was a mechanical release.

Anyone else having this problem?
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Well EnergyWay, have brought up some details that have been mentioned here before.
ie..water infiltration into the hatch at that switch..and the fact that the plastic lens can break if forced instead of removing all to access the bulb..

For one of the strongest Epoxies out there ,..I recommend Hysol Epoxy Patch 1C (white). Same formulation...and I've used this product faithfully for over 45 years now.. Good luck..!!

Your above description is a needed addition to the hatch problems that infrequently happen here.

The epoxy that I recommended is a very strong hard epoxy for fixed hard plastic repairs...etc.. For a flexing repair "my epoxy recommendation" would definitely not be the right product.

As an example of the Hysol epoxy's strength..........
Stand a Coke bottle on a metal table and epoxy the base of the bottle to this table and let cure. 4 hours to 24 for full cure.
Now try to release the bottle from the table by grasping the bottle at the neck. The base of the bottle will remain on the table as you shear the rest of the bottle off.

You will need a chisel to remove all. It's very, very strong as a repair tool.
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