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I would like to put right a bit of rust in the usual place to the front of my front wing/fender just above the front bumper.

Am I right I can remove the front bumper without upsetting the airbag mechanism, it doesn't require any unplugging exept unplugging the outside temp sensor/fog lamps? I removed the part on my 1991 but it didn't have airbags. I cant find very much on R+R for the wing/fender. In particular, how the plastic lower moulding where the vents are comes off (the lower body/door ones), does it slide forward or backwards then pop off?

Because of the price of wing/fender from MB (nearly £300 GBP Inc Tax) I was tempted to get a panel beater to repair the rust. Round the wheel arch is good and the rust isn't TOO bad at the moment. However, with time involved doing this, if I can fit the new wing myself then get it painted somewhere I'd probably be better off doing that.

Even although the part is bolt-on, is it sealed on in any way? Is there anything I ought to consider if I set about the job?

Many thanks for any help.

Lastly, to my surprise a body shop quoted much less for a fender/wing than anything like MB's price. Do you think it might be a replica part? Anyone in the UK bought or looked for them recently? Thanks


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