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I need to replace the front left wheel hub in my 2005 C230.
I just replaced my front rotors and brakes.
I first replaced my front right rotor and brake pads, everything seemed normal. When I was done replacing the rotor I spun the hub with my hand to check and make sure the rotor spins straight and it does.
Then I replaced the driver side. well when I was done replacing the driver's side pads and rotor I spun the hub with my hand and I noticed the rotor wobbling. I then took the old rotor and put it back and I notice the same wobbling. For some time I have been complaining about a vibration and taken my car to MB and they have not been able to figure it out, they have suggested wheel balancing and alignment and that hasn't done the trick the vibration persists, well gues what I figured it out myself . So I put the tire back with the new rotor and of course when spinning the tire has a slight wobbling, enought to cause the vibration I feel.

Is there a DYI on how to replace the hub? It doesn't seem very complicated. I asked in the dealer and the hub comes with bearings and a seal. I removed the cover cap and I noticed a safety pin with green grease.
I'm pretty confident I can do it. I would appreciate any advice you can provide.
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