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84 300sd
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(After I initially posted this, raising the seat bottom turned out to kickstart the seat back motor or at least the seat back motor switch. The seat back is vertical again. Life is filled with mystery.)

The seat back on my '84 300sd reclines but does not rise. I'd like to reverse the leads to the motor to get it to rise when instructed to recline, but I'm not sure of the motor's location. (The seat is so far reclined that I'm not even comfortable driving it to a mechanic, so I'd like some way to get it to rise again.)

The seat is still in the car. From behind the seat looking forward, there appears to be a motor at the bottom left. It has one surprisingly thin white wire going to it, I'm sure there's another wire as well.

Could anyone let me know if this sounds like the right motor for the seat back? Are the power wires really rather thin? Is there a better approach to getting the seat back vertical again?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Mitch Trachtenberg
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