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I have a couple of questions getting ready to replace both my front door look actuators. The passenger side finally gave up and developed the famous revolver-lock symptoms. And this time is wasn't just fuse #42. On top of that I seemed to have broken something inside when I grabbed the knob while it was doing it. Now the know won't even stay down. Time for a new one.

I saw someone mention that you don't need to drill out all rivets for the window regulator rail. Instead you pivot it aside to make room. Is it true that only one rivet needs to be drilled (hard to imagine). Or are there three that need to be drilled? Maybe the one-rivet case applies to the rear doors?

Next, can I use short M5 screws with nuts and lock washers or do I need to get myself a rivet gun and suitable rivets. I'd much rather not.

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