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Front left wheel loose...

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2001 CLK 430...

The front left wheel is slightly loose - has a tiny bit of play when up on a lift.

I thought I needed an alignment until it was on the lift and I found the wheel had some play in it.

Is this a simple bearing swap out, or is it the hub, or knuckle?

I'm pretty much planning on doing it myselft, unless I hear that it's too much of a hassle for a back yard mechanic.

Any thoughts / advice on this?

BTW, I'm running stock 17" AMG chromies with RENNTech suspension.

Before I had the wheels pulled & tires replaced, I had absolutely NO shaking, though the car did pull to the left quite a bit.
I had uneven wear on the front wheels, particularly the left one, with the outside heavily worn.

I took the car back and had the wheels rebalanced, and still moderate steering wheel shaking between 40 - 70 mph.

Thanks for any feedback on this!
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Good_Boy said:
1. Hold the wheel from sides i.e your hands are on the right and left of the wheel. Try moving in horizontally right and left and check play. If there is some play that means the tie rod needs a replacement.
As for replacing it yourself. Bearing is an easy job if you have done something like that earlier. Tie rod assembly requires lifting of the car as it runs from left to right wheel.
Thanks everyone for the input.

It looks like this is a tie rod for me, as my play is horizontal.
I had read somewhere before on this forum about tie rods & I forgot about them.

Does anyone know of a how-to on tie rod replacement for W208's, or is this a job better left to a qualified mechanic? Mercedes specific tools needed perhaps?

(I've done extensive work on my previous beast, which was a 600+hp TT Dodge Stealth - such as turbo replacement, custom ported heads intall, hell entire engine pull, but... these Mercs seem to be a completely different beast in every way)
rsmcmahon said:
I have the same problem you described and was curious if you replaced your drag link assembly yet? It doesn't look like a difficult job for a DIYer. I've seen the part advertised from $150-$200.

I've done tie rods and steering shocks on the other MBs but not the CLK

Late reply, sorry.
I haven't gotten to it yet, I'm in the middle of setting up a New Jersey to Tucson Arizona move (again) and I just hijacked my wifes ML500 for now ;)

Once I'm out in AZ I'll put it up in my garage and get it done - I'll try to remember to take pics & do a write up on it so it can be of benefit to others.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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