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Front left wheel loose...

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2001 CLK 430...

The front left wheel is slightly loose - has a tiny bit of play when up on a lift.

I thought I needed an alignment until it was on the lift and I found the wheel had some play in it.

Is this a simple bearing swap out, or is it the hub, or knuckle?

I'm pretty much planning on doing it myselft, unless I hear that it's too much of a hassle for a back yard mechanic.

Any thoughts / advice on this?

BTW, I'm running stock 17" AMG chromies with RENNTech suspension.

Before I had the wheels pulled & tires replaced, I had absolutely NO shaking, though the car did pull to the left quite a bit.
I had uneven wear on the front wheels, particularly the left one, with the outside heavily worn.

I took the car back and had the wheels rebalanced, and still moderate steering wheel shaking between 40 - 70 mph.

Thanks for any feedback on this!
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I would check the studs on the rims, i recently had my 99 clk 430 inspected, and the dealer did'nt want to pass it, so it failed because of the dam stud(1) so have 'em tap and maybe it'll cure the problem!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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